Wednesday, November 2, 2011


On this past Friday, I got a strange package in the mail.  Five pairs of blue suede shoes, men's sizes 10-13.  I did not order these shoes.  I was beyond confused.  After some time on the phone with Macy's, where I received the order form, I found out that my credit card information was stolen.  I guess we were lucky that the person using my credit information forgot to have his big, ugly shoes shipped to his own home.  We were able to get things set into motion only days after my card was used.  Mark was on the phone right away, getting all the info that he could.

We found that $900 was spent on shoes at Macy's, $700 was spent at Bed, Bath & Beyond, an on-line profile was paid for on and two orders of Chinese food were ordered in Philly.  We know their e-mail address and the general area they live in, Philly/New Jersey.

Mark had to tell people at work to be on the look out for him, just in case they got any of his info.  National security here people, lol!  He's so low level that they wouldn't be seeing much but hey, you never know.  We put all kinds of fraud alert protection on our cards, information, etc.  We checked all of our credit reports, got new credit cards and have been manic about searching through all of our records just trying to figure out how this happened.  I don't think we will ever know.

Except now, I have this awful feeling like my privacy has been invaded.  I've always been the girl that doesn't think that it will happen to me.  My wallet won't be stolen while on vacation, the accident won't happen, the lightening won't strike.  Will I be more cautious?  I know I am right now.  I paid cash for my gas yesterday instead of using my credit card like I usually do.  Though I did use my card at Target and Wegmans.  The gas station seems more seedy to me.

I hope this isn't going to be a long battle.  My mom's credit was stolen and it took her a few years to get things squared away, but they had opened other cards in her name which did a number on her credit score.  That hasn't happened to us.  It's just so frustrating to me that people think that its' OK to take from others.  It makes me kinda sad.


  1. Oh that's horrible! I'm so sorry. I know what you mean I always think it won't happen to me either. What a break that the shoes were sent to you!!!

  2. I am not naive but I think things like that will never happen to me. I am sorry this happened to you but suede shoes?

  3. Oh no! I hope you an get this resolved quickly.

  4. Makes me sad too. My husband's card number got stolen last year. Luckily, it seemed to end after he reported it. Who orders five pairs of blue suede shoes?

  5. We now have 11 pairs of very ugly loafers to return to Macy's sitting in our family room. It looks like a day or two after they ordered some more shoes form Macy's which again are schedules to be sent to our house. We don't have to pay for any of it, but just so time consuming!

  6. Wow, that is horrible. Hope everything gets figured out. My purse got stolen a few years ago and they racked up tons of charges in like a matter of 2 hours before I got through closing out everything. It mucked up my accounts for quite a while. Can totally feel for you. Felt so violated and vulnerable for so long.