Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crafting Away

Annabelle has had (and will be having) waaay too many days off this month.  She has fours day or less of school every week this month.  Thanksgiving week will be the worst, with only a half day on Monday, a giant feast on Tuesday and Wednesday I'm pretty sure will be pointless.  I can remember being so excited about all the days off when I was a kid, but as a parent, I'm annoyed.  What am I supposed to do with her on all these days off?  She wants play dates but the PTA hasn't felt the need to send out the school directory yet so I have no phone numbers.  So instead we craft.  It gives us a few hours of fun without all the same old stuff to do.

First we laid out all the pieces.  And yes, we are still in our pajamas even though it's the afternoon.  Don't judge.

And made four super cute owls.

On to the next one.

Mr. Turkey
We made a few others as well.  Once they were made, I got about an hour of piece and quiet to watch Grey's while she played with her new little owl family.  I think I need to go buy more crafts!


  1. Aw those are such cute crafts!! Where did you find them!? I've sortof burned out the handprint art stuff and need something new. I hear mom's say how excited they are for time when school is out, like summer and I just think-- WHY!? That's like 2 months of constant entertainment and lots of boredom! I don't know how stay at home mom's do it.. i run out of ideas fast!

  2. Hobby Lobby had all Christmas stuff (crafts included) on sale!

  3. I love those crafts! My kids would have fun doing them. Annabelle is SUCH a cutie!

    And I wore my pajamas all day today. :)

  4. Johanson Family- I bought them at Michael's . We made two others as well. All four cost me about $8.

    Cajun Cowgirl- Hobby Lobby isn't convenient enough for me to head there that often.

    Grumpy Grateful Mom- Thanks, I love spending whole days in my pj's:)