Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Clean

I'm starting to get my house in order for Christmas.  This week my plan is to do some crazy deep cleaning so that I can get the decorations out and up the day after Thanksgiving.  Yesterday I scoured the kitchen, top to bottom.  I mean I even Pledged the cabinets.  Once I did that, the floors were Slippery with a capital S.  Luckily, my Shark steam mop fixed that problem.

I LOVE my Shark.  It's so easy to just plug it in, clean the floors and in 15 minutes I have shining, sparkly clean floors.  It has only one drawback.  The smell.  There isn't one.  When I was growing up, and obviously before the purchasing of the all mighty steam mop, when the floors were cleaned there was a scent.  Pine Sol or lemon or whatever I was feeling that day.  And it smelled CLEAN to me. 

Maybe I need to come up with a way to add a scent to the Shark's water without leaving a residue or gunking up the machinery inside.  Hmmm... maybe I should start some research.  Or have Mark do the research for me because, you know  I don't like doing it:)


  1. I need to clean.

    Especially the bathrooms.

  2. Bathroom are the only rooms that i keep on on regularly. Every Friday no matter what!

  3. Are you for hire? You are way ahead of the game. I haven't even started Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas shopping let alone cleaning or decorating. Ugh. I have a Shark too. Love it!