Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Be A Scrooge!

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We have two radio stations that play non-stop, 24 hours a day Christmas music every year here in Buffalo.  They usually start the week of Thanksgiving and it runs until Christmas day.  Except this year, they started playing music last week Tuesday, almost two weeks earlier than the norm.

You would think that they were clubbing baby seals on air the way people are reacting!  All over FB and on talk radio and on the news, in the stores and while I'm out with friends and everywhere, people are complaining.  But complaining seems like to mild of a word to me, they are just being nasty and rude about it. 

Now I can perfectly understand feeling like stores and retailers are out there, shoving Christmas down your throats.  They want to make money. Christmas isn't supposed to be about the money and the presents and all that jazz, but for many people, it is.  If Target can get you to think about buying a fake Christmas tree and ornamaents in October instead of waiting until December, why wouldn't they?  Obviuosly, there are people, out there buying them, or they wouldn't waste their time.

But... I love Christmas.  I love how it makes me feel.  I smile more.  I sing out loud to the carols playing at the stores.  I love buying gifts for my family and friends, knowing that I will be bringing a smile to their faces.  All of the chaos and craziness that I associate with Christmas is worth it for the way it makes me feel.  Happy. 

So could we all just take a chill pill right now?  Don't whine about the stuff that annoys you.  Please, please, please remember the good stuff.  Otherwise, you look like a Scrooge and nobody wants that.


  1. I did take a Xanax but still....I have one word: Thanksgiving.

  2. It's funny people get so worked up over it since radio station listening is optional. :) The radio stations probably like the controversy--higher ratings.

    And I'm a little to Christmas happy. I started listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween. I like to anticipate two holidays at once. :)