Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Birthday for Pooh Bear

Back in the spring, I can't really remember when, Annabelle asked me when Pooh's birthday was.  I looked around and found a date, August 21, 1921.  So when that date came around, we had ourselves a little party.  I found out afterwards that that was Christopher Robin's birthday and not actually Pooh's, but you know what, Annabelle's not going to care that I got the date wrong.  I hope she'll think I was a great mom for doing that little something extra to make her smile.

We made chocolate cupcakes with cream filling inside, way to sweet for me, made a quick set of party hats and a banner and we were ready to party!  Mark even canceled plans for a man-date to see that Bourne movie with his friend from work, just  to make sure he was part of Pooh's special day.

A fast banner.

Singing to Pooh.

The birthday bear is ready to blow out his candles.

Now a family shot.

Ooh it's so good:)


  1. You are such a good mommy. Way to go the extra step to give a favorite bear a party, and props to your husband for choosing family!!!

  2. This might just be the sweetest thing! I love it!