Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Grade!

And so a new school year begins.  She picked her outfit.  She complained of a nervous tummy.  But she got on the bus without even a glance back at us.  She is growing up too fast.  There is a part of me that wants to grab her and hold on tight.  Tell her to slow down because adulthood comes oh so fast.  I know she won't listen though.  So I watch and try to make memories of every little thing because she's in first grade and getting so big.  I almost cried as the bus pulled away.  I know she'll be fine.  That she'll love meeting her new teacher and seeing who will be in her class.  But what about me...  I hope that she will miss me a little bit because I am missing her.


  1. What a sweet 1st grader, and such a great family picture. It's that time of year to readjust. Give it a week you'll both be in a new groove.

  2. She's so cute! You're right, it does go by way too fast!