Friday, August 27, 2010

Skinny Jeans!

I have done the unimaginable. I bought... skinny jeans. Wait not skinny jeans but jeggings. I'm slightly embarrassed about it because what respectable 32 year old woman buys, let alone wears jeggings. (That term is just awful, by the way.)

So there is a story as to why I did this. I started exercising and eating better in mid-February and lost 15 pounds. I was feeling good so I thought that I would lose a bit more, and be able to possibly wear skinny jeans in the fall because I have some really cute boots that are just begging to be shown off. So fast forward to now and I haven't lost any weight but actually gained 3 pounds over the summer. Then a friend of mine tells me that she bought some and they look great! Jo and I are similarly shaped but she's got a bit more junk in her trunk, so to speak. So I thought' "Well, if she can do it, so can I."

I went shopping at the mall because I had a coupon for New York and Co and I took my sister along with me. My sister has no filter on her mouth, she just lets it all out there, and then sometimes has to deal with the consequences later.

But I knew she would tell me the truth and that she wouldn't want me walking around looking like a whale. I tried on the skinny jeans and they just didn't look much different then my straight leg Levi's so Heather went and got me the jeggings. I had to try on about 6 pairs before I found the right ones but I looked good-ish. I didn't look huge, they were comfortable. I felt a little bit sexy and Heather said I looked GOOD so I bought them. I still want to lose 10-15 more pounds and I might even have a chance of doing that now that my chiropractor gave me the OK to start light exercise again. Maybe these pants will give me that incentive to strut a little bit now:)

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  1. What? Who says at 32 you cant wear skinny jeans? I am 41 and I wear them.

    I think if you look rockin in them, then wear them.