Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road Work

One of the reasons that I'm happy to see summer ending is that road work will soon be ending as well:) Now in the Buffalo area, it only takes you about 20-25 minutes tops to get almost anywhere. So when one of our major roads is under construction and it adds tens of minutes to the ride, we are furious. Now I know that people who live in bigger cities think nothing of commuting an hour each way but in Buffalo, that's just insane. I remember friends and family looking at us like we were crazy when we bought our house. My husband worked in Orchard Park at the time and we bought a house in Williamsville. Orchard Park is down south and Williamsville is in the northtowns, a staggering 35-45 minute drive contingent on rush hour traffic.

But anyways, I got off on a tangent. Road work. One of our main roads near our house had been undergoing a complete transformation this entire spring and summer. Maple Road is a busy street lined with restaurants, grocery stores, and a mall, so it's really hard to avoid. So at least once a week for grocery shopping plus eating out, etc I had to drive down the road with it's ever changing lanes changes and cones and some really hot construction workers (there's just something about those hard hats). So I was all ready for this today when voila! The work is done! I'm so freakin' happy about this it's not even funny. I guess it's the simple things that make me happy:)

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  1. I freakin HATE road construction!!!!

    I feel that this is the main reason for all the damn road rage out there.

    Thanks for stopping by, to see the soccermom, isnt all about soccer. : )
    Other important world issues. lol