Thursday, August 12, 2010

Super Heroes

Annabelle and I were watching The Incredibles the other day. You know, the Pixar film about super heroes that have to go underground and hide their identities. Well, it got me thinking. Do we all have a "super power" that we hide away from other people?

Obviously, I don't mean having actual super powers like the ability to fly or invisibility. Though the ability to become invisible whenever I wanted holds so much appeal for me. I mean, I can think of tons of reasons why this would be AWESOME! But let's get off of that tangent, I'm talking about maybe more mundane things. Maybe you have an amazing memory or can draw or paint or are super good at math or be able to spin around 10,000 times without getting dizzy. The little things that make you, you. Your special little something and we all have one.

For example, I am a great tickler. Kids run giggling from me and my tickle fingers. You should just hear Annabelle shriek, NO MORE, OK tickle me AGAIN! I'm also pretty crafty. I've made some really cute scrapbook pages that I'm really proud of and could look at all day long. And I can crochet. I have made blankets for every single child I know and gave them to them at birth. It's just that something extra that I know I appreciate when others do that kind of thing for my daughter. But you wouldn't know I could do any of these things just by looking at me until I come at you with my tickle fingers ready:)

So what are your secret talents, your secret identity?

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