Monday, August 16, 2010

My Mark

Yesterday was our 15 year dating anniversary. It blows my mind that the boy that I had a mini crush on when I was 17 years old, ended up becoming my husband. We have been through it all, the ups and downs of two people learning about each other and growing up together. We've had some REALLY low lows and super highs and we've ended up somewhere in the middle.
There are so many reasons to love him. He has a great smile and a wonderful laugh. He's thoughtful and kind. He's the guy that will snow blow the neighbors driveway just because or help little old lady's put their groceries into their trunks. And the way he looks at me with his- you look so cute face. It makes me melt. There's nothing sexy about that face. I don't have to brace myself to be pounced on. It just shows me how much he still loves me 15 years later.
There are times when I forget all of those magical qualities that he has. When I'm cranky and annoyed with things that have yet to be finished or when he throws his dirty underwear on the floor, I know that I can sound downright mean to him. But then I'll watch him, like I did on Saturday, carry our sleeping daughter up the stairs to her bedroom. The extreme care and love that he holds her little body with. It makes me fall in love just a little bit more with him.
I am a very lucky girl:)

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