Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday Soured My Husband

This year I thought I would be going out at the ass-crack of dawn to do some black Friday shopping. I was so far behind just 2-3 weeks before that. I started making up lists and staring at the leaked ads weeks in advance.

But then Target had some super awesome deals and so did ToysRUs. My mom and my in laws gave out some pretty easy Christmas wish lists and my sister and I decided not to exchange this year. It is hard to buy for each other and she is having some money issues so why buy each other new sweaters that we could just buy ourselves right?

So there were only 2 things that I was interested in on Black Friday. A Blu-Ray player for $70 and a Sony e-Reader for $99, both at WalMart. So I'm getting ready to go and my darling husband says,"Babe, you are too nice. You'll never be able to get those things. People are mean. I'll go." And who am I to stop him? So he went out in the cold to get himself some stuff that he wanted, plus my stuff. He was very excited by his rug cleaner purchase and the new impact drill from Kohl's and Sears respectively. But then he had to head into WalMart. WalMart shattered his Christmas spirit a little bit. He followed the rules. Waited in line and when they took the cover off the e-Readers at 5am, madness happened. People stormed the area, pushing, shoving, complete chaos.

He was 5th in line before the shoving. Of the 25 readers there, he got the last one. He grabbed onto it at the same time another woman did. A woman with 2 in her hands already and was not in line prior to that. So with both of their hands on it, Mark calmly asked if he could have it and she gave it to him. Then another woman tries to grab it out of his hands but he fought back hard and got it. He was so disappointed in how WalMart handled everything and how people behaved. He still shakes his head mournfully when he sees my reader.

These are the reasons I don't shop on Black Friday. It ruins my Christmas mood and I LOVE Christmas. We cheered him up with an early dinner at Chester's, a local Cajun restaurant that is so awesome, and then went to see Disney's new movie Tangled. The day ended with everyone being happy but I've decided that I will have no more of the craziness. The money I save isn't worth it. So I thank my loving husband for fighting the crowds for me but next year I'd rather us stay warm in the bed together at 3am.

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