Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Should Know Better...

but I did it anyway. Last night, Mark was watching some stupid show he had DVR'd, The Walking Dead. He claimed that he heard it was going to be good and that I'd like it. Except he seems to have forgotten that I'm a big baby when it comes to horror/scary movies/shows. I mean when Scream came out on tape (ha), I made him turn it off after the heavy breathing, Do you like to watch scary movies part because I was almost hyperventilating I was so scared. So this new show was about zombies taking over the world, not the most original premise.
I decide I'm not going to watch but read a book instead. But again I don't make the greatest choice in reading materials. I'm reading ghost stories. It's Halloween-y reading material that doesn't normally freak me out. I believe ghosts exist and as long as they are friendly, I have no problem with them. But the spooky reading and hearing the zombie moaning got me going. I was tired but there was NO WAY that I was going upstairs by myself! There could be zombies up there!
So the show ends, we take our vitamins and meds, turn on the dishwasher, turn off the lights and head up to the bedroom. And there is a zombie! Or at least it sounds like one. It was Annabelle moaning in that half sleep, half awake way that sounds really freaking scary when you've been watching zombie movies. She had to go to the bathroom but I wasn't going in there. You know just in case she IS a zombie. She certainly sounded like one and she has an annoying habit of pretending to eat me, always starting with my face. So it was possible she was a zombie, with all of her zombie-like habits that she's forming already.
But what I tell myself is that my back was really, really hurting and I couldn't lift her up to get her on the toilet. So Mark got to do that. I was so only joking bout her being a zombie, right?

This is the only zombie I'll go near. I saw the taping of Zombieland wth Woody Harrelson last year in LA.


  1. That stinks. I love scary shit. My soccerboy totally love scary movies. WE go BIG on decorating for Halloween.

    I also watched that show. However there are some scary movies that even I wont watch.

    Its not biggie everyone has their limits.

  2. The problem is that I actaully do love all the scary crap but as soon as I'm in the middle of it, I freak out. I've been like that forever! I'm the first one in line for the Haunted House but the first to hide behind even complete strangers once I'm inside!