Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can Today Just Start Over?

It has not been a good day. Annabelle has had a cough for about 3 weeks. We got back from Florida and all of the hot, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold weather fluctuations was just wreaking havoc on her allergies. Her nose has been running constantly and because she has decided that blowing your nose is the devil himself, it all starting going into her lungs. She now has a hacking, smokers-like cough. It comes and goes one day it's bad then the next 3 would be so-so.

But last night she couldn't catch her breath. We let her sleep on the couch. It's cooler downstairs and she always feel better knowing that someone is just an arm's reach away from her. She started breathing better but got up a few times for a drink and one potty break. Seven thirty came waaaaayy to early for me this morning and the first words that she utters are, "Mommy my ear hurts." Crap! She's squealing with pain until I got her a warm washcloth to put on her ear. Thirty minutes on hold with the pediatrician, I get an appointment and we have to rush to get ready, no shower for me but at least I brushed our teeth.

The doctor looks in the ears, throat, nose, you know the routine and decides it's an ear infection with an underlying sinus infection. Because we've had three weeks of coughing and snuffling and wiping, it all backed up and caused infections! He calls in the amoxicillan to the pharmacy and we head out on our way to Wegmans.

Then as we're pulling into Wegmans parking lot, a mere 10 minutes from getting the script and heading home, Annabelle throws up. Everywhere. It's on Pooh Bear, on her jacket, inside her jacket and on her shirt and pants, in the booster seat and on the car seat. She literally exploded Fruity Cheerios and snot all over herself and the car. I had to strip her down naked and head back home. Let me tell you, the smell of puke and Fruity Cheerios is not a pleasant smell. Especially when cooped up inside a car for 15 minutes. But now things are better. All puke has been cleaned, clothes have been washed, medicine picked up and taken (by force) and she's sleeping soundly in her bed.

Dinner is cooking in the crock pot and I have dance class tonight. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow so that she can go to school and I can get to the gym. Now I think I'll go take a nap though. Vacuuming can wait.


  1. I am sorry! I hope your week is better and the little one is feeling much better!

  2. Thanks tripleZmom!

    After 1 dose of medicine she was bouncing off the walls. She went to school yesterday and we have a playdate after school today!