Friday, February 25, 2011

I have a friend, OK she's really just an acquaintance. We went to high school together and were in Concert Choir together which is a pretty big deal for anyone that sings at Lancaster High School (my lovely Alma mater). Out of the 1,000 or so students, Concert Choir has only 75. You have to audition in a quartet, it's very nerve wracking. I can remember jumping up and down hugging my friend Trish, when I found out that I had made it in. It's a pretty big deal. But anyways, Nicole and I were in choir together and it gives you a bit of a bond but we really are only barely knowledgeable of each other. We are FB friends and we go to the same church. We head nod at each other when we would see each other out and maybe like a status here or there but that's about all.

But then about a month ago, her status on FB was devastating. Her 11 month old little girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Highly aggressive and to be honest, it's killing her. The cancer is rare, the treatments are rough. Little Anna had to celebrate her first birthday in the hospital and the daily updates on their blog are bleak.

So why am I writing about this? About a baby I've never met and probably wouldn't no matter what. I'm writing because my heart hurts for this family. They are staying so brave and strong, asking for prayers and getting them. I see daily messages on the blog and on FB from old high school friends, lending their support. But it makes me so sad that they will more than likely not ever know the joy of their daughter being 2 years old. She can't walk, is going both deaf and blind from the tumor, has hydrocephalus and seizures. I hope that they don't give up. Not on Anna but on believing that maybe a miracle will happen for them.

I look at my beautiful girl and am extremely humbled to know that she is healthy and happy. That she has been hurt, once very badly, but not enough to ever make me worry for her very life. I pray daily for little Anna Rose when I also thank God for Annabelle. I hope and wish and pray for some good news for them. I hope it comes soon.

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  1. That is so sad. I know that people often say that GOd wont give you more than you can handle. SO that must mean your a strong person. but at the same time why do we need to be tested? why does anyone have to go thru pain?
    : (