Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Plan

I am making a plan for myself. A plan to get myself to be a better me but I think it is going to suck. The first thing on my agenda is losing this last 16 pounds. I've been holding on to it for more than a year now and I'm sick of it. My goal is to lose that weight by the time we leave for our trip to New Orleans. That is in 13 weeks, which means I only need to lose a little over a pound a week. That is doable and the healthy way to do it.

I lost 14 pounds last year and then stalled out. I don't know if I get complacent or discouraged but I seem to lose track of my weight loss when I hit right around where I am right now, in the 145 range. My body just sits here even though I'm exercising and eating relatively well. I'm not perfect, if someone offers me a treat, I'll rarely pass it up but I don't get those treats that often. We've slowed down dramatically on going out to eat. We were going out 3-4 times a week at the end of last year out of sheer laziness.

So I found this website with work out routines when I was hunting around google. I want to try one of the routines even though it looks like it may kill me. It's only 2 days of weight training but it's seriously hard core. It claims if I do it I will see a major difference in two weeks. Now I won't be that optimistic but if I could see some progress in about a month, I think I could be happy with that.

So that is my step one. I have ideas for step 2 and on down the line but I need to concentrate on this one first. And I may not need some of what I'm thinking about if I do good here. Wish me luck!

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