Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We have many trees in our backyard.  Most of them are pine trees and they are all slowly dying or at least looking pretty scraggly.  We chopped two of them down about six or seven years ago and then two more from the front yard two years ago.  We are becoming experts.  With the deck now being finished, we are going to slowly be removing more of the trees.  I think that we will end up cutting 10-12 trees down, the sooner the better.  They make it really difficult to mow back there!

So two weeks ago when Mark was out of town for work again (boo), my MIL stopped over to help me paint and then we started dismantling one of the trees in the back.  Once Mark got home he got to work too and I decided that instead of helping, I'd snap a few photos.
A close up.

The next step will be getting out the chain saw!
 After Mark did all he could, he was a messy mess.  He hopped in the shower and that's when he started yelling for me to help him.  I needed to figure out how to get tree sap out of his hair.  Luckily i knew what we needed already.  Hand sanitizer!  I helped him get it out of his hair and some on his arm.  I made him do his own armpit.  I am not an armpit person and will not go near them unless I'm forced.  I don't even like the word armpit, gross.

Don't ask how he got sap in his armpit but suffice it to say that it is now very clean and sanitized.  I can't wait until we are done with this project.

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