Wednesday, October 12, 2011


  • This week is going to be crazy for me.  The long weekend was FULL to the brim with fun and pictures, so future posts on that will be coming up, I'm sure.
  • We are still slowly but surely taking down trees in the back yard.  My arms and legs are all scratched up and not so pretty right now.  Being allergic to pine trees and having to touch them are bad news.
  • Annabelle has yet another cavity that needs filling.  A pox on my husband's teeth genes that he passed on to her!
  • It is hard to buy a birthday present for a person that I have never met.  Annabelle's been invited to her first party of the year.  I know many more will come but it will be easier once I know some of the kids, both through volunteering in her classroom 1-2 times a month plus being a room parent and planning parties.
  • My nephew, Josh, is turning 16!  Holy crap, he is getting old:)  Besides a car there is little else that he wants and while I love him and he's a great kid, I'm only a non-blood related aunt.  Sorry bud, maybe I'll give you gas money at you're party this weekend.
  • I have a chiropractor appointment this week and my back is sooo ready for it.
  • This weekend, once again is jam packed and then we get to celebrate our anniversary next week too:)
  • I promise my next post will be much more interesting!


  1. I learned from having two teens that once they start driving the most important thing to them is
    -gas money
    - food gift cards
    sonic is one the kids love to get.
    I know you didn't ask but I thought I would offer up my experience. Hope it helps.
    Ps I had to go private
    if your interested in reading my blog
    please send me your email addy.

  2. Busy girl! Hope you can come up for air soon!