Monday, October 17, 2011

A Celebration!

Saturday was Sweetest Day.  I don't think that it's a very big deal to most people, maybe there are even people out there that don't know what it is.  In my house, it was celebrated more than Valentine's Day.  My dad liked to go all out for it, maybe because it's not the norm.  I got engaged on Sweetest Day and got married on Sweetest Day the next year, it's a special day for me. 

So this year Mark and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a few days early with some time alone together. We went the movies and saw The Ides of March, with George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. An adult movie, without Annabelle, it was great! Then we wandered the mall for a bit before heading to The Melting Pot to eat ourselves into a food coma. After that we went home put on our comfy clothes and watched some TV together. It was relaxing and wonderful to be able to spend some time together.

Me and my hunny in our Love Pod.

This is my Love Martini.  So super yummy.

Queso Fundido with all the dippers.

We finished the night of with Dulce de Leche, bittersweet dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt.  My mouth is watering!


  1. What a sweet(est) picture, and such a fun time you had. I didnt even know there was a sweetest day. I should really bring that to my husbands attention.

  2. That dessert looks amazing! So glad you two had some time together. Date nights are the best!

  3. So glad you had time together. That dessert looks amazing!!

  4. We have a Melting Pot here but that is one place we haven't gone even though I *love* fondue. So expensive here. Happy belated anniversary!

  5. Melting POt costs us well over $100 when we go, that's why it's only once every other year or so. It is worth it though, especially if your back on Lover's Lane, very cozy and secluded.