Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Epidemic!

We are having an epidemic here in Buffalo and the surrounding area lately.  People are forgetting how to drive and are crashing into buildings with extreme regularity.   At least once or twice a week, the news is reporting another crash.  I'm sure that this happens with some regularity out there and to be honest, most of the "crashes" are small bumps into local banks and convenience stores.  I'm sure that they wouldn't have been reported at all if it hadn't been for that little old lady who forgot which pedal was the brake and which was the gas.  Maybe it would have been silly and comical, except that she killed two people and now a young boy doesn't have his parents any longer.  Like I said, most of the crashes are just bumps, not much damage, but two of them have involved fatalities and another very nearly so.  What in the world are people thinking when they are out there driving?


  1. Dang that's freaky! i think I saw this on the news this morning..

  2. That is freaky! And I saw on the news this morning that yet another building, a local bakery, was hit last night. I'm telling you, people are crazy!