Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eight Years

Eight years ago today, I married my best friend and the man that makes me a better person.  He pushes me to work harder, be better, believe in myself no matter what.  He is my white picket fence, even though it took us some time to realize you have to work to keep that fence white and standing straight.  He makes my dreams come true.
This is a story of my wedding day.


I was woken up at 7am by my mom and dad.  They crept into my old bedroom where I was asleep on a twin mattress with my cousin Amy, and poured balloons on top of me.  My mom leaned over me and whispered in my ear, "You're getting married today!  We are so happy!"  We decided it was a no tear day.  We weren't going to get all sappy and keep ruining our make-up.  But this meant that I saw very little of my mom and dad, because they had to leave the room I was in every time they thought of "losing" their daughter.

I remember laughing with my friends while we had our hair done and looked at flowers.  I remember the photographers getting there and their infernal clicking.  I remember just before we were to get into the limo, my mom decided she needed to clean up the pastries and coffee mugs before we left.  She spilled a mugful of hot chocolate onto her dress and I thought she would lose it, but thanks to my sister and my friend Angela, they got her all cleaned up.

I can remember walking down the aisle with my dad.  We didn't link arms like you are supposed to, we held hands.  I t felt so nice to hold my Daddy's hand one last time.  I can remember my dad deep breathing so that he wouldn't cry.  It made me cry.  My Aunt Beth whispered to me as I passed her to stop crying:)  After that I go a little bit blank.  I don't remember seeing Mark until we got up to the alter.  I can remember his hand in mine and asking him if he was OK.  His response was, "I am now."

I teared up at the beginning of my vows, but finished off strong and clear.  I wanted everyone to hear me tell Mark that I would love him through it all.  After that we had pictures and a party that celebrated us and our love.  On the day we got married, it was also our nephew Joshua's 8th birthday.  We had all 150 people sing happy birthday to him.  We bought him his own special Oreo cake and gave him a camera as part of his present.  It is one of my favorite memories of Josh.  He always holds his emotions and feelings close to him.  We rarely get any real feelings but on that night, he smiled so big.  I'm smiling just thinking about him. 

We had the best time and so did everyone else.  We laughed and danced and sang and took group pictures inside the bathroom because there was a really nice couch in there.  My memories of that day are so clear, vivid.  It was an absolutely perfect day with everyone that I loved. 

Lastly, right by our card box, we put these bridal skeletons.  My mom had bought them for us for our shower.  She thought they were hilarious but I at first, did not.  I hadn't wanted anything Halloween-y creeping into the wedding just because it was October.  But these two ended up being a big hit with the crowd and they have soft spot in my heart now.


  1. Oh I love reliving the wedding day!! congrats on your anniversary!!! So fun!! hope you do something special!! do ya'll usually do the traditional celebrating gifts?

  2. Happy Anniversary! Those skeletons are kind of funny!

    PS - I think I have that same table and chairs set that you do!

  3. I wish I could remember the details of my wedding, Yours sounded so sweet. Happy Anniversary now and many more to come.

  4. Johanson Family- we don't usually go too crazy for anniversary gifts, though for the first few years Mark bought me a new Willow Tree figure. Those are the angel figures with the loopy metal wings.

    Kimberly- those skeletons make me smile now. Obviously we have great taste in furniture.

    Jackie- I made it a point to stay very present for my wedding. It made/makes me sad that I completely blanked out when Mark proposed and I can remember very little of it. I made myself promise that I would remember my one and only wedding:)