Friday, January 20, 2012

Dance Costumes

Every year, I am so excited to see what Annabelle's dance costume will look like.  So far the last two were very cute.

2010  Annabelle danced to Hey Mr. Postman and I danced to a spy theme.

2011  Hey Mickey!
I have been dancing at the same studio since 2000 and missed one year when I was pregnant with Annabelle.  I ended up missing the recital that year because I had Annabelle recital weekend.  When it was time to start Annabelle in dance, my studio was the obvious choice.  She already knew her teacher from coming to my class with me occasionally and I got a 50% discount as a mom dancer.  Win, win. 

Most years I'm pretty happy with our costume selections.  Sometimes I'm not completely in love with them but I've never hated one.  But, right now, I'm just not really very sure about Annabelle's costume for this year.  It's a beautiful costume, it goes well with the song she will be dancing to, "Dance With My Father"  but it seems too old for her.

It's the dark blue one, right in the middle.
Maybe it's because it is shown on an older girl, but I'm having a very hard time picturing it on my five year old.  There is absolutely nothing I can do about it.  The costumes were ordered months ago but.  I just talked about feeling like my baby is growing too fast and this costume isn't helping.  I've spoken to some of the other mother's in Annabelle's class and they are feeling the same way.  One of the co-owners of the studio, my dance instructor, mentioned that she spoke with Miss Jackie, inquiring if it was appropriate for 5-7 year olds.  Am I over reacting?  I'm sure once I see it on Annabelle I will be fine, but right now?  She's too little for it.


  1. Lots of clothes for little girls end up looking somewhat seductive. My daughter is 6, and sometimes when I look at clothes to buy her, I'm shocked at what the manufacturers produced. I don't really understand the rationale behind it.

    It looks like your daughter loves to dance, though. My daughter would love to take dance lessons.

  2. Hopefully the fit will be appropriate for Annabelle, I think that's so great how you both dance! What a fun thing to do together.