Monday, January 16, 2012

One of those friends

When you have a good sized group of friends, there is usually a role that each one plays.  There are the ones that you go shopping with, the ones you can talk dirty with and the one that you know when you get together- you are going to talk sh!t with.  I know in my group of friends who each one of these girls are. 

I went out to lunch a few weeks ago with one of my friends and we talked the whole time.  Everything that may have or did bother us about husbands, friends, kids, all of it.  It was good to talk about some of the things that bother me to her, because I often had the impression that she felt similarly to a certain situation as I did.  I remember Mark being concerned about what we would talk about together all alone.  We had never done anything one on one before and she said that her husband had said the same thing.  But we, or at least I, had a nice time. 

The only thing I'm regretting right now is that I told her my biggest, darkest secret.  The one that no one else knows anything about except my sister, Heather.  And I told my friend more than what Heather knows.  I'm just hoping that it won't bite me on the butt later on.  I so should not have said anything and I don't know why I did.  My friend can be very passive aggressive when it comes to certain things.  I just hope I don't end up on her bad side.


  1. The only time I've ever told a person a really huge secret about myself totally backfired on me. Not wishing that for you, of course. I hope that you guys stay pals forever. Just be careful!

  2. I've told things to people I've regretted before, to one friend in particular. Sounds like you just needed to get it out! Hoping things go well with you and your friend.