Monday, January 23, 2012

Play Time

A couple of weeks ago, we finally got some snow.  Annabelle was beyond excited and Daddy was just as happy to go out with her.  I am not a snow person, because I am usually freezing to death on most days.  It was decided that I would be official picture taker and here are the cutest ones I got.

I wasn't sure they would be able to get back there and open the gate.

She went straight to the back near our tree stumps.

Time to swing!

Trying out our new snowball maker.

It wasn't the right kind of snow so it didn't work too well.

Daddy making a little fort.

Now it's time for a ride.

Daddy you are too heavy!

Making sure it's up to her standards.

And then snow angels.

Soon after the snow angels, Annabelle's glove fell off and she needed to come inside for some hot chocolate.  See her cute mug?  It was mine when I was her age!  They are smaller than regualar mugs, just the right size for Annabelle.  We also have an elephant and a crocodile.  I just absolutely love them!
Annabelle had fun, Mark had fun, and I was glad to stay inside and watch.  So it was good day for everyone! :)


  1. Seems right for daddy's to be the snow companion, I love winter and the snow but I'm like you... I'd much rather me inside looking out :)
    The cups are adorable, and even better that they were yours.

  2. That's a ton of snow! Looks like they had a blast. I definitely need a fort mold now, though still no snow to use it on. :)

  3. So cute and as a fellow being-cold-is-not-my-thing type person, I find that the BEST photos are taken with a long lens from the cozy warmth of the living room, don't you?

    Love your blog and will be a new follower.

    You had me at the title.