Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's January, People!

And this was what Annabelle was doing after school yesterday!  Climbing the Japanese Maple tree in our front yard while I took down all of our Christmas lights from the trees and house outside. 

As a native of Buffalo, NY, January tends to be the coldest month around.  Highs in the 20's and bone numbing wind chills.  Plus add on the snow that has fallen over the past one to two months and January tends to be bleak.

But yesterday the high was near 50, and Annabelle thought that she should be able to take off her coat and wear sandals!  Not quite yet, little girl!

I'm going to soak in the "warm" weather while I have the chance because those cold temps are predicted for this weekend, brr!


  1. We have the cold here in Pac NW so it is coming your way soon I am sure. It is suppose to snow here this weekend too. Brr...I am more of a sandals gal too like Annabelle. Give me the beach and sun, I am all over that. Have a great day and good for you getting back to the gym.

  2. My kids still change into shorts every chance they get! Annabelle's a great tree climber. Very cute!!!

  3. Finally started snowing here last night, now it's in the teen's for temps. It's a start. Glad Annabelle was able to frolick in the warmth if january :)