Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Really Do Love Them But...

I just spent a long weekend in Albany with my whole family for my cousin's high school graduation. Let that sink in. Me, Annabelle, my sister and her 2 kiddos, 2 aunts, my mom, gram, and a cousin. All that plus some of my aunt's friends as well as her fiance and his 2 kids. It all adds up to a lot of fun but a lot of stress.

We made the 5 hour trip from Buffalo to Albany on Friday, with very little issues. The kids didn't sleep as much as we would have hoped but they were good, no fighting. Then we just lounged around my Aunt Michele's house, talking and catching up. I hadn't been to Albany in well over 10 years so I had to refamiliarize myself with her house. It was good and relaxing; laughing, eating pizza (which was not as good as Buffalo pizza) and then getting everyone ready for the ceremony. Once again the kids were very good. They played games, colored, and had snacks with no meltdowns at the graduation. Even though it had already been a very long day we stopped for some ice cream and then passed out for 12 hours:)

Saturday was again a very nice day. We packed up the cars and headed to Hoffman's Playland, a kiddy amusement park. We went on a bunch of rides and ate some lunch. I was very brave to take all three kids on the Tilt-O-Whirl right after we had eaten, but all was good:) The we headed to my aunt's fiance's house for Emma's graduation party. We had some good food, lots of laughs, dancing, a small bonfire, roasted marshmallows and just really enjoyed ourselves.

Then Sunday hit. Hard. My sister got a call from her husband saying that his cousin's baby had died. We all knew it was coming, he was diagnosed with a horrible disease and they were just waiting for the inevitable. We made the decision to leave even though we had originally planned on staying until Monday. So we were already feeling blue over the news when my Grandma (whom I love) starts. She has anxiety. She hates Albany for reasons that aren't always too clear so she wasn't being her best self. She was crying, saying she wished she was dead, my cousin wasn't being very nice to her, my mom was yelling. Basically the sh!t hit the fan. Everyone's crying or mad or pouting. It was a bad end to a fun weekend.

I love them all. I really do. I could never turn my back on them even when they drive me nuts. That's just not the type of person that I am but I wish we could keep our disfunctionality out of the picture sometimes. Especially when we were there to be together out of happiness and love. It puts a little crack into my heart when I think about it:(

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