Wednesday, June 16, 2010


In a little under 4 months we are going on vacation:) I love vacations, big ones, little ones. It doesn't matter. I just like being away and exploring new things. Except that we aren't going someplace new, though it is exciting. Disney World, we went last year in March. Annabelle was just a little under three years old and it took a lot of convincing of my hubby, Mark. But I have a Disney obsessed friend and she found me an amazing deal that we just couldn't resist.

I knew we would go again, we had a such a good time but i thought that we would do something else before we went back. I was thinking San Diego or Puerto Rico; new, exciting. And once again we got a great deal and it was Mark, the one who needed all of the convincing, who said we should go back so soon after the last trip to Disney. But I'm still excited.

I hope Annabelle still is mesmerized by Mickey and Pooh Bear and now she knows the Princesses. I'm pretty sure I'll get alittle bit teary when I see the castle for the first time again. We will be doing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party fo rthe first time which is exciting! I'm making us all cotumes to wear. Annabelle will be Tinker Bell, I will be Wendy and Mark will be Peter Pan!

I have all of these little things thatI want to see on Annabelle's face when she's in Disney world again. I think that I won't be disappointed:)

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