Wednesday, December 8, 2010


One of my friends, a GNI girl, just found out the sex of her baby today. It's always exciting to here people's good news regarding their pregnancies but we were extra happy for Nicole. She has fertility issues and for her son Alex and this pregnancy (a boy by the way) in vitro was used. She is happy to soon have 2 boys but she did say she had hoped for a girl. She thought it was a girl, just her mother's intuition. I was surprised it is a boy too just because I believe mother's "know" things even when there are no explanations. I knew Annabelle was a girl well before we got the official news.

Right after I got pregnant, a started having dreams about babies. All the time. Almost every night. And these babies I dreamed of were always boys. Little blue booties and baseball caps but I never saw their baby boy faces. I just knew that I was holding a baby boy in my dream, so I assumed that baby was mine.

But then I had T H E dream. I was about 9 weeks along. I dreamed of a baby girl with blond hair and giant, huge, beautiful eyes. It was Christmas and we were at Mark's Aunt Sandy's house. She was wearing a red and white dress and we were getting ready to put her in her jammies. The dream was so real. I could feel the weight of that baby girl in my arms, smell her baby skin. I remember I woke up crying and telling Mark that I had just seen our baby. I told him she was perfect and beautiful. From that day on, she was she. When I talked to her or talked about her (which was all the time) she was she. My friends would question why I called her she. I told them I had a dream, she's a girl.

So on December 23 (my sister's birthday), we went in for the sonogram and when they said she was a girl, I wasn't surprised. I had dreamed my beautiful girl. And while that dream, the way Mark and I cried with joy when we found out she really was a she, the reality is even better. There are so many days when Annabelle Rae drives me insane but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

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