Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Don't Need This Right Now!

My husband is out of town for the next 3 days. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Did I mention that they told him yesterday around 3pm that he had to go to Rome, NY? Also there's the whole issue of Christmas Eve that we are hosting this year. Now I know that it's just my parents and in-laws but seriously, the house needs to be cleaned. Nothing major- dust, vacuum, kitchen floor and bathrooms but usually he helps me out. Now I'm all on my own with an excitable 4 year old. Help!

Speaking of the 4 year old. She is madly in love with the new Disney Tangled movie. I thought she would like it. I put Rapunzel stuff on her Christmas wish list. The Tower, the doll, Flynn Rider and Maximus the horse and one of those heads that you put make-up on and do the hair. I knew she would be happy with those things. My mom, sister and aunt bought her all of this stuff. But now Annabelle thinks Santa is bringing her Rapunzel stuff. And Santa hasn't gotten her ANY of it. I was thinking a melt down might occur. But luckily I have a great sister and she's exchanging some of her Rapunzel booty in exchange for some Santa gifts. Crisis averted (hopefully). So before dance class tonight, I'll be swinging by Heather's to do the big switcheroo.

And one last thing. I'm nuts. As I've noted, I'm all alone with lots to do. But silly me has decided that I want, no NEED to make 3 Christmas decoration crafts. Oh and I want them finished before Christmas Eve. They shouldn't take too much time but still. Why do I get these ideas in my head? I get so OCD about them. It was all I could think about last night instead of sleeping. If I finish, I'll post some pics because they should be super cute:)


  1. Damn you need to slow down.

    Might I suggest some really nice organic sheets (Target).

    They are a dream. The will soothe you and you will not stress any more.


  2. The only consolation I have KittyCat is that I'll hopefully be able to sleep. Mark snores something awful. I get anopther half an hour until Annabelle gets up from rest time so I think I'll lay down for few minutes and recharge.