Thursday, December 23, 2010


I love my house all done up for the Holiday's. I know there are people that like to go for a more minimalist approach to decorating but not me. The more the better. We have about 20 bins of Christmas decorations and I like them all to be emptied of their contents and splashed all over the house. I even decorate the bathrooms. :) So here are a few pictures of our house decorated to the nines.This is the living room. The TV is going to be a focal point in most houses now-a-days so we might as well put lots of pretty things around the giant screen. Annabelle's idea of putting ornaments on the tree means that if there are 2 or more ornaments that "match", have a similar pattern or color, they must all be right next to each other.

Our tree is huge! We definitely don't have enough ornaments to fill it up like I would have liked but Annabelle makes it look pretty:)

This is our Family Room. We aren't allowed to actually use the fireplace but we still decorate it.I painted these houses when I was college.Dining Room time. I put our nice i.e. expensive village and the Rudolf tree on our buffet.

I just love this little tree!

Close ups of the Village scene

The centerpiece. I made this a few years ago but I still like it. You can see some of the chair covers too. They're gold and say peace, love, joy and hope.
This was one of my craft projects that I wanted to make this week. It's supposed to be a wreath but the wire I used is too flimsy. I still think it's pretty as a tear drop shape but I'll need to re-work it, just after Christmas.
And lastly the kitchen. We have a pass through from the kitchen to the family room and it's the perfect spot for some Christmas-y cheer.

Another one of my last minute projects that I made this week. I was originally going to hang them on the backs of our kitchen chairs but decided to put them on the cabinets instead.
And my last craft project of the week. The HO HO HO! They aren't quite finished yet, still have to glitterize the sides but still cute.
I hope everyone has a love-filled, happy, fun Christmas this year. Set apart some time to tell the important people in your life that you love them and say a little prayer of thanks to God for giving us his only Son.

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