Friday, December 31, 2010

This and That

So things have been crazy busy the past week so stuff like writing or reading any blogs have been put off to the side. We had a very fun Christmas and got some great gifts had a wonderful time with both families.

I was a bad sister and forgot to bring my sister her birthday presents. Her birthday is Dec 23 and we usually get together for lunch but we didn't do it this year. Then On Christmas I left her presents at home. Oops! I'll be seeing her tomorrow at my parents house so I'll bring them to her then. We don't usually do anything for New Year's Day, but my parents are having a little party. They ordered a Turduckin, a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. I'm a little unsure about it but there's always a first time for everything right?

This year is our off year for New Year's Eve. We're going to stay home and just be together tonight. We might head downtown for First Night since it's supposed to be almost 50 degrees today but we'll see how we're (I'm) feeling. I've got a huge migraine right now and an overdose of meds aren't helping so far:(

Mark and I decided that we are going on an adult only vacation this May to New Orleans. We booked our flights yesterday. I'm so excited! We haven't been alone together for more than two days in almost five years. I can't wait!

Just some quick Christmas pictures because I couldn't resist:) Santa footprints on the carpet make it even better for one little girl and one curious cat:)Are any of these for me?She had been asking and asking for a pillow pet for weeks. She was so happy to get one!It was a very Rapunzel Christmas at our house. She got the styling head, the tower, the Tangled game for her Leapster, the Rapuzel and Flynn Rider dolls and Maximus the horse. We've been playing with them for hours every day. Here we are at my BIL's house Christmas morning. It has been a fantastic year and my little family is better than ever. I can't wait to see what the new year will be bringing us! Hopefully much more fun, love and laughter.

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