Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Wish Come True

I'm finally getting my wish come true. It's not exciting. I can't hang it on the wall or hold it in my hands, but it is still the best gift I could have gotten this year... Annabelle hasn't gotten a fever in more than seven months! Now I know nobody knows about our fever issues but trust me, this is great!

Ever since Annabelle was about 4 months old, she has been getting fevers. Every 3-4 weeks like clockwork, she would get a raging fever. It usually averaged 102 to 104 degrees but there were times it went well over 106. It was agonizing for all of us. She would be completely incapacitated for three full days. No eating, little drinking and even less sleeping. She was sick for birthdays and holidays, missing out on the fun that went along with presents and goody bags, all because she was so sick. But it was always just the fever, no cough or runny nose. No complaint of pain anywhere in her tiny little body. We took her for tests to rule out cancer, leukemia, blood diseases. All came back negative. No one knew what was wrong with her.

There is nothing worse than holding your baby down while they stick her over and over with needles to draw her blood. So may tubes, 7 or 8 at a time. So much that I would think she didn't have much blood left to give. So after all of this and no results, it went down to plain old praying for her to be OK. Every night before bed, every week at church. It was all I prayed for. "Please let my Annabelle be OK. Please let her be healthy and happy. Let me be the one who's sick and in pain, not my little girl."

So this year for the first Christmas of her entire life, she will be healthy. I'm not worrying about the date and counting back to see if her fevers will be falling on Christmas. So while I can't see it or taste it or touch it, this year will be my happiest one yet because my little bugga will be happy and healthy. My prayers are finally coming true.


  1. What a blessing for your family! God answers prayers... it really hit home when you talked about all the blood work they drew on Annabelle. I took my youngest to get her 15 month shots today and it's so horrible to watch your baby scream in pain, not understanding why you are doing this to them. So glad your girl is healthy this Christmas! :)

  2. Thank you Kandi. It's easy to forget that prayers get answered when you need them to. I always hold Annabelle tight and tell her I'm doing it because I love her, not because I'm mad at her when she gets her shots.