Monday, January 24, 2011


You know when you have this wonderful idea, something really great to write about, but no matter what you start, it sounds like garbage. I'm having one of those days. I had such a fun weekend with my friends. I was going to tell you about the fantastic dinner we all had together and the water boy who thought our money jar was an urn full of ashes, plus how the people near us got annoyed when we wanted our picture taken. Then we out to a club in a crazy snowstorm and had some drinks and danced. They played some awesome music, old school stuff from the 80's and 90's plus all the newer stuff. The skeevy guy that wouldn't get a clue, he touched my cousin on the face while she was dancing! GROSS! Then the let down of the night when I get home at 2am to find my daughter hacking on the couch with a fever. The doctor's appointment the next morning confirming that, once again, that she has an ear and throat infection with underlying croup. I wanted to show the ups and downs of my lovely weekend. That I had so much fun being with my girls, the ones I know I can always count on. And that is was kinda ruined by the sick kid. But the sick kid isn't being awful and getting to snuggle her up underneath my robe, sharing our body heat while she snoozes is the best part of being a mom. But nothing is coming out. There is no flow. I sound stupid and trite. I don't even know why I'm trying, seriously. I'm going to get over it now.

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  1. Ha ha, that's how I feel whenever I sit down to write a post! Then I just walk away for a few days and usually I can come back and just let it all out. I've decided I have to let my perfectionist tendencies relax a little with blogging. I write...sometimes re-read and edit (more often I don't - that's why there's so many grammar errors and typos!) and hit publish. If it's a post I really care about I'll go over and over it, but that doesn't happen very often! ;)

    Give it some time and try again! We'll be here. Hope your sweet girl feels better soon. It's so nice that she sleeps on you...mine never do that!