Friday, January 7, 2011


I remember, back when I was a teenager and in my early 20's when I never had a free weekend. There were sleep overs and movie dates and once I was older club hopping with Mark and my friends (oh how I miss The Pier). Plus weddings and showers and if we weren't going out, we were hanging at someones house, having little dinner parties and playing board games. There was just always so much to do.

Then right around the time we got married, it started to tail off. My friends were starting to have babies or thinking about it. Most of the people I knew were married and weekend plans fell off. Mark and I had lots of time to be together, working on the house, cooking complicated little meals together.

And then came Annabelle. Life got busy again. Between our monthly GNI get togethers, children's birthday parties (baby #14 is on his way soon in my friend group, not to mention family birthday's), and grandparents needing to see us i.e. Annabelle every 2 weeks or so or they go into withdrawal. Well the weekends are once again very busy for us.

This weekend I have 3 parties attend. GNI Christmas at our house, which means cleaning and scrubbing and hiding all toys with tiny parts away on Saturday. And on Sunday I have a baby shower and my dad's 55th birthday party at my parent's house. I feel like I haven't had a free day on the weekend, let alone a whole weekend, without something to do in months!

Now next week we actually have nothing planned and I'd like to think that I'll sit back and relax but I'm sure try to come up with something to do. A movie with Annabelle, a trip to the science museum or Aquarium or maybe the zoo if it's not too frigid. Just something to fill the time up. And then the next 3 weekends once again are filled up with GNO (so excited to go out) and a swimming birthday party and Disney on Ice and Super Bowl parties that my head will be spinning again and I'll be wishing for a free day!

But in the end, I do love that we have so much to do. It means that there are people out there that want to be with us. And that makes it all worth while when I look back on all of the memories we make every busy weekend. So do you ever have any free time on the weekends or does it fill up faster than you can blink?

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