Friday, January 14, 2011

I Want It!

This is going to probably sound stupid and whiny but whatever. You know when you get something stuck in your mind? And that thing just festers in there, making you think about it all the time. Sometimes it's something bad for you- that decadent dessert or maybe a person that's not so good for you or cigarettes or alcohol. There are all kinds of things that can do that for you. My thing is not any of those and it's pretty stupid compared to some of them but... I want a new couch. Stupid, I know but I've been thinking about it for months and months.

Our couch is 9 years old. It's an OK couch but the frame is (or was) broken and the cushions have seen better days. So one of the local furniture stores is going out of business and what better time to peruse their items for sale? I had convinced Mark that it was a good idea. We had a party over the weekend and one of our friends mentioned how uncomfortable it was to sit on the couch. Even more reason to get a new one right?

So a few nights ago Mark, being Mr. Handyman, decides to rip open the back of the couch and check out the damage. Then he has the nerve to go and fix it! Now the back isn't saggy, the bottom cushions fit properly and it's pretty darn comfy again. Damn him! My mind and my heart was all set with buying something new. He says we can still go check out some new furniture but can I really see us buying something that we technically don't need anymore? Because I can tell you that if we get a new couch, I'll want to paint the room but that room has pink carpets. So then we'll have to rip up the rugs and decide on new flooring. And the deal we will have gotten on the couch will be null and void because it will cost waaaaaay more money to start major house renovations.

So I'm feeling cranky and whiny because I WANT IT! If I were a 2 year old I would throw myself down on the floor and have a good old fashioned temper tantrum but I'm 32 and that would be silly. So instead I'll complain to myself and anyone else who will listen to me about my stupid, handy husband. (He's not stupid, I love him, but he has done himself a great dis-service by fixing the couch. You would think that after 15 years together he would understand that.) So what should I do? Get a new couch or save up that money for something else? Grrr! There are just too many decisions that have to be made once you grow up!


  1. I'm sorry, but did I just hear you say a PINK carpet? How cool is that!!!!

  2. It's really not though! Our couch is green and trying to find the right colors to decorate and make those two things work was hard to do. I did get it to work and I absolutely love our raspberry living room, but after 8 years, I'm ready for a new color scheme! Thanks for commenting and following:)

  3. I know just how you feel, once i have my mind made up there is no changing it. The sportsman hates when this happens. ; (
    last time we bought a new suv.

  4. Mark doesn't like change. He thinks I'm crazy that I'm always wanting to paint or buy new clothes or get a new couch. It ended up not happening though. All three of us were sick with head colds. We just sat on our old green couch watching Disney movies all weekend.