Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Joy of Only One

One child.  Most of the time I feel that people are looking at my smaller than normal family with pity or concern.  I'm often asked, by complete strangers, when I'm having another one.  They are often taken aback when I reply that I'm not having any more.  I also get annoyed when I have to pay for four of something to get the "family deal".  We just reserved a mini vacation for ourselves at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark.  The deal was for a family of four.  I don't get a discount because I won't be using those extra tickets that are included.  I think that I should.  I feel like everyone out there, even corporations, are saying that being a family of just three isn't enough.

But just the other day, I found a great reason to be happy with just one.  Christmas presents.  All of my friends and my sister have to make sure they have X number of gifts under the tree for each kid or someone will be mad.  Plus keeping a budget is that much harder and making the budget even out in the end, too hard.  I have one little peanut that I get to spoil like crazy without worrying about how much I'm spending.  There is no evening out of gifts, no fights over who gets what.

Christmas is hard enough already, especially for moms trying to make every Christmas memory perfect and magical.  At least this is one issue I thankfully will never have to deal with.  And that makes me happy:)

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  1. I'm glad that you can cherish such precious moments with your daughter. Merry Christmas!