Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Visits

Here are Annabelle's Santa visits through the years.  Most were very good but a few were less than stellar.

On the Christmas train ride.  2006, 6 months old.

2007 was not a good year.  It had been going just fine until we went inside the caboose.  It was cramped and dark.  My face is just awful!
 For some reason all of my Christmas pictures from 2008 are completely gone.  This makes me incredibly sad.  :(  But I do remember that she wouldn't sit on Santa's lap.  She eventually stood next to him with me right next to her.  If you looked closely you could see the tears in her eyes.
2009 was much better.  This was taken at Azerty, Mark's previous job.  They had a Children's Christmas Party every year with crafts, snacks and the president of the company dressed up as Santa.

This Santa is a little bit scary looking but Annabelle didn't seem to mind him at all.  This was at the North Pole, 2010.

And last but not least, 2011 on the Polar Express Train.
Looking at all of these pictures makes me want my baby back!


  1. Such fun memories!, and I loved your face in that 2nd picture... It's the look of " oh my goodness Annabelle, it's just Santa, get a grip" ha ha

  2. Sweet photos! I love to see the changes through the years. The Polar Express Train sounds so fun!

  3. That one Santa was pretty strange looking! Is that a Buffalo Bills logo on his hat??
    Your daughter is so cute.

  4. Great photos! I have been wanting to let my daughter see Santa, but I can't seem to find him in our small town. :) It probably isn't too big of a deal, because I have a feeling our picture would look similar to your 2007 photo.

  5. Aw, cute. I wish they had a Polar Express train here.

  6. How fun to see the pics through the years. We have had a few not so great Santa pictures. This year was much better. Looks like you had a very Merry Christmas and Annabelle made out like a bandit. Happy New Year!