Friday, December 30, 2011

One Last Christmas Favorite

One of my favorite parts of Christmas presents from Mark are the gift tags.  Ever since our very first Christmas together, back in 1995, he would write cute things on the gift tags.  There was no to: Jaime, love: Mark tags.  They would say things like to: my light, love: the candle or to: the love of my life, love: Paul Gaustad (my hockey boyfriend).  Sometimes they are romantic and other times sarcastic but I have saved almost all the tags, all the ones that really meant something to me. 

This year my favorite tag said to:  I love the way you look, just as you are love: your tubby husband.

He knows how down on myself I can get, especially about how I look to myself.  That one little sentiment, that he loves all of me even after almost 17 years together is the best Christmas gift.  He still likes me just the way I am even though I weigh 25 pounds more than I did when we met, have stretch marks and cellulite.  He still loves me and I love him:)

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  1. That is a special gift, My husband does the same kind of thing with the gift tags...out kids get a kick out of it as well.