Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Drama!

We went out on Saturday and bought a really gorgeous Christmas tree.  It was basically the best tree ever, the perfect shape, color, height, width, smell.  We went with a plan, no Scotch pines.  I love them to pieces but the needles are so pointy and I'm allergic to them.  But we stood out in the cold for a long time and still ended up with a Scotch pine. :)  We get it home and the trunk is too big for our stand.  We tried everything we could but it just didn't work.  The tree was so top heavy that it kept falling over. 

So Sunday rolls along and we are back at the tree farm for tree number two.  At this point, my Christmas cheer quotient is low.  I'm annoyed with the first stupid tree, my back is bothering me from carrying the kids all over the train museum the night before, and I hate that we will now be spending way more on a Christmas tree(s) that I would ever do normally.  But we do it, we get a new tree.  We make sure the trunk is the right size, that it's not too tall, and bring it home.

Only we find out that this tree isn't working either.  No matter how hard we screw those bolts in, the tree is leaning over.  Maybe if no one touched it, it would be fine.  But I have Annabelle.  She keeps hugging the tree and telling me how precious it is.  This tree will not be standing much longer.

Mark runs to Lowes and buys a new tree stand.  It works!!!!!  Except now our tree is almost a foot away from the ceiling because the new stand is much lower than the old one.  But at least the tree is up and steady even with the hugging and playing.  We have now had two trees in our possession for more than 48 hours and it's still not decorated.  I don't know when we'll get around to it either but at least it's there right?

Here's our tree as it stands right now.  We can't decorate tonight because I put Elf on the Shelf in the tree.  What if we accidentally touched him and he lost his magic?

There's tree number one.  I'm pretty sure our neighbors think we're Scrooge's, throwing out our Christmas tree before we get to actually use it!  He looks so sad out there.

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  1. I love the real trees, too. But we gave up on them years ago and bought a fake one. Less stress.