Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Polar Express

Every year, we have tried to do something fun and memorable at Christmastime with Annabelle.  This year is no exception.  Annabelle is Christmas crazy this year.  Everything we do, she associates with Christmas, Santa, presents, snow, etc. 

For Annabelle's first Christmas, we went on a train ride.  She was only 6 months old.  Gosh she is cute!

That first train ride was disappointing to all of us adults.  It was hot, the train wasn't decorated, no carols were being played.  The only thing that made it Christmas-y was that Santa stopped in briefly to visit each child.  We had so many ideas how to make it better.

This year, we decided to try another Christmas train ride with a different train company, the Medina Railroad.  This time we did the Polar Express train.  We had such high hopes!  They would be reading the book while we rode the train.  There was a conductor to punch our tickets and a hobo and chefs to pass out almost cold hot chocolate and cookies.  And Santa, we can't forget him.  Each kid got a special bell.  No one would join in our attempts to start caroling.  We just sang a few songs by ourselves while the other train passengers started at us like we were weirdos.  Again we had ideas that could have really made the ride spectacular but the kids seemed to have a great time and in the end, it's all that matters. 

Annabelle got her face painted.

Here's our train.

Anya, Austin, and Annabelle sat with Papa.

Hot chocolate, cookies and Skittles.  The perfect combination.

The conductor punching Annabelle's ticket.  She was very reluctant to let him sit with her in the seat.

My mom bought the kids little stuffed anaimals to play with on the ride.  Austin's mouse was looking out the wondow.

I just couldn't help adding this one because she looks so darn cute.:)

My sister and the three amigoes holding up their little animals.

Telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

They each got a bell from Santa's sleigh.  As long as they can still hear it ring, they will always believe in Santa.

My mom and dad.
So even though my high expectations were crushed just a littl bit, the kids had a great time.  I love making memories with my family.  I love that they want to make these memories with me.


  1. I'm glad you found a train ride that was more fun. Your pictures are so cute!!! I think my kids would love to do something like that. :)

  2. That is such a fun tradition! I don't think we have anything like that over here.