Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Crafty Snowmen

When I was in Kindergarten or maybe first grade, I saw some super cute, crochet, snowmen finger puppets and asked my mom to make them for me.  My mom didn't know how to crochet at the time but how could she resist my sweet little face.  So of course she taught herself how to crochet and made finger puppets for every kid in my class.

That's me in the red, 4 years old, almost 5.  Cute, huh?
So I decided that Annabelle was going to need some snowmen finger puppets this year.  I asked my mom to find the pattern for me and luckily she still had it.  And here is how they turned out.

A whole army of snowmen.

Elf on the Shelf is watching over them.

Cute, right?


  1. You are an amazing mom! Those are sooo cute! I'm curious how long each one took to make. I may try something like that one of these days.