Thursday, July 26, 2012

A First

Last year, around her birthday, Annabelle saw a princess fishing pole and just wanted it so bad.  She had never been fishing or watched anyone fish so I have no idea why she was so enthralled with it, but she was.  She ended up getting it for her birthday but Mark never took her out fishing.  He thought it was such a waste of $12. 

A whole year later and Mark sees that there is a small fishing pond at the campsite we were going to.  Now he's all gung ho to teach his princess the ins and outs of fishing.  Of course I brought along my handy dandy camera to (hopefully) capture some fish pictures but I was also realistic.  I brought my nook with me too.  Except I wasn't able to read.  This was the very best pond to fish in ever!  Every time you through in the hook, you caught a fish or at least had the bait stolen.  Needless to say Annabelle had a great time!

Reporting for duty Captain!

Just a girl with her thoughts.

Her first fish, Mark said it was a blue gill.

This was maybe fish 4 or 5.

It pooped all over Mark's leg:)

Austin gives it a try.

He wouldn't touch that fish.

The last fish of the night, a large mouth bass.
As you can clearly see, Annabelle, Austin and Mark had so much fun.  It really was a great camping trip!


  1. So much fun! And I think that Bluegill was pretty big wasn't it?

  2. Fun!

    Natalie would love a princess fishing pole.

  3. Oh my goodness.... what a fun time for Mark and Annabelle, and for you to get to sit back and soak it all in (avoiding the fish poop). I used to fish with my dad....will never forget the good times. Bass fishing is my absolute favorite. We used to catch the frogs and use them for live bait..... Good times.