Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Yesterday was Annabelle's very first gymnastics class.  She had been asking for lessons since mid-spring but with school and ballet, I wasn't ready to start adding more to our already busy schedule.  I promised we would give it a try over the summer and I came through:)  She burst out of bed all on her own yesterday morning yelling It's gymnastics day!  It's gymnastics day!  So far, so good.  She put her new leotard on and inhaled her breakfast in about 3.2 seconds.  Mornings are not Annabelle's thing.  Usually I'm pleading, yelling, and getting exasperated at her slower than a snail's pace, but not yesterday morning.

When we got to the gym, she started getting shy, not as bad as she can sometimes get, but I saw it coming.  Sitting on my lap, holding hands, touching my face and whispering I love you's in my ear.  I'm not going to complain though because as I typed that, I know how much I love it. 

Once she got inside the actual gym, they broke the group up into small groups and Annabelle started learning somersaults (which she did already know how to do) and cart wheels.  She was so excited for that.  It was the one thing she kept saying she wanted to learn.  At first she was shaky but by the end of cart wheel time, she was going faster and had one leg pretty straight.  After floor work, the kids did some stuff on the bar.  She learned how to hold herself up and did some assisted forward and backwards circles.  The last ten minutes were for sit ups and push ups. 

When she walked out to me, she had the biggest smile on her face.  She was so proud and happy, and I was too.  She declared that she wouldn't be dancing anymore, now she's a gymnast.  Now she's mad that we're only signed up for one class a week.

After all that we hopped in the pool and swam for a few hours, ate snacks and played hard.  I was tired and pretty worn out but when some friends of mine asked if I wanted to go do some Zumba down on the waterfront, who can resist!  Not me!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but knew that no matter what I'd have a good time.  I only knew one routine and even the end was different from how I do it at my gym.  Plus I felt like the routines were simpler overall than the stuff I usually do, but an hour out in the sunshine with the lake breeze, having fun with my friends, perfect. 

I've been having so many great days that last few weeks.  I hope they don't run out on me!

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  1. I bet she was worn out! and you too after that Zumba! You guys are making summer memories. Perfect!