Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Bubble is Burst...

even though I knew it was a long shot.  But last night Mark basically said London next year is a no go.  I cried silently to myself while we watched the Olympics 30 Greatest Moments that I had DVR'd.  Especially when they were showing Big Ben and Windsor Castle.  I know that an overseas trip is expensive, much more than a trip here or even a cruise, but I just want it so bad.  I'm not trying to be a baby, most families don't get a nice vacation every year like we do.  I know, I KNOW!  Spoiled girl that I am, I thought we would be able to make it work. 

I'm not totally giving up yet though.  I will get myself that part time job this fall maybe even start near the end of August if my MIL will watch Annabelle.  Those few extra dollars coming in will be a nice bonus for us.  If I pare down my mini dream vaca, 12 days touring England, Scotland and Ireland, to maybe just a week in England, it might work.  Otherwise, maybe we'll do a cruise or something.  I want to celebrate 10 years with my husband, and I want it to be grand.  I can't help it!  I'm trying not to be selfish and spoiled and self-centered but right now- WAH!


  1. You need to take the opportunities when you can. Life can be short. Trust me, I know. You do have to plan for retirement but you cannot put everything off 'till later in case later never comes.

  2. I don't think it's selfish at all to want this. Your heart wants to see the world. It's a goal. It's a dream. And now you've got something to work for. I really hope it works out for y'all!