Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smell Ya Later!

The town I live in is very skunky.  During the spring, summer and early fall you will smell them on a regular basis plus see them squished on the road.  While this is an annoying part of our area, we live with it just fine.  That is until you notice one of those little buggers walking around your backyard and hear them digging themselves a nice little home under the deck.

Luckily, our next door neighbors have a Have a Heart trap.  We caught and released him back into the wild this morning.  There was no spraying or stinky-ness involved either because I would have mad, mad, mad if it had stunk up the car!  Hopefully we'll catch stinky number two tonight or the night after and be done with all this skunky business.


  1. Yes, I'd be freaked too! Not a fan!

  2. We only see skunks that are dead on the road, they never come into the neighborhood. What a nasty animal, glad you got for the other one :) Good luck

  3. Ick...we have had a few of those and coons too. Luckily grandpa has a similar trap and comes over to get the critters to release down by the river. We did have one under our house a few years back spray and it came through our ventilation. NOT GOOD.