Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We had been promising over and over to Anabelle that we would go camping this summer.  We had every intention of doing it but then we realized, summer's half over and every weekend was booked for at least one of the two days each and every weekend.  When my mom called me up last Monday to ask if Annabelle wanted to camp, Annabelle's answer was definitely yes.  After Mark and I looked at the campsites web page we decided to come along too.  It turned out that my dad's hand was all swollen from his cellulitis and needed our help getting things set up anyways.

We had never been to this place before but it was very nice.  It mostly holds seasonal renters so there are tons of activities every single day.  Every weekend there is a theme and last weekend just happened to be Christmas in July.  We made cookies and put up a few Santa decorations near the camper and called it Christmas. 

There were tons of activities from story time, craft hour, a hayride and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.  The kids had a blast but the Saturday was so full that we were pooped out by the time it got dark.  All of our plans for gorging ourselves with smores by the fire were quickly extinguished.  We were ready for bed early.

Story Time

Craft Time

Annabelle's Popsicle stick tree.

Anya's pine cone tree.

Anya and Annabelle on the hayride.  Such cute cousins:)

Austin and Santa

Now it's Annabelle's turn.

Posing with her balloon sword in front of the Christmas tree.

Mrs. Claus painted her hand.

The next morning, while the adults were cleaning up, the kids played with bubbles.
We had a very good time, even though it is a lot of work.  Next year we'll try to be more proactive earlier on so that we have the chance to camp again.


  1. Man that's awesome! I'd say she had a great experience!

  2. Annabelle will always remember those camping trips. Way to get it done :)

    We took our kids on many camping trips, those times were the best!!!, I will admit it's always harder for the mom's! Lots of prep, meals, cleanup etc. but it's so worth it so see the kids in their glory. The campground looks like a fun one, great pictures to capture the fun!