Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Fun Weekend

Does it seem like I'm bragging?  All these fun and relaxing weekends, lining right up in a row.  But it had felt for awhile that we were struggling to make it through, that some easy times are a reason to celebrate.

On Saturday we went for a hike on the paths through Stigelmeyer Park.  Annabelle whined and whined at first.  It was too hot and she was tired and she never gets to do what she wants to do.  Ugh, I just wanted to pull my hair out!  Once we got there she calmed down and started smiling, especially when we saw a deer on the path. 

A really big leaf!

She is one strong girl, holding up that tree:)

Our little deer friend.

This one gives you an idea of how close we got to her.
Then later on that night, Mark decided he wanted to chop up some of our wood.  When we had cut down some trees almost 7 years ago, we put the logs out back to "season".  They are nice and dried out now and our fire pile was starting to dwindle.

The mighty lumberjack in action.

The ax didn't get too far into the log.

But broke the 25 pound stone Mark was using to balance the log.  He was pretty much done after that!
On Sunday, it was my father-in-laws 60th birthday and I volunteered to make the cake.  Dad is an avid golfer, goes out every Sunday morning at the ass-crack of dawn.  I know he's been golfing for at least the almost 17 years Mark and I have been together and he started quite a bit before that as well.  I think it turned out pretty darn cute and was a hit with everyone at the party.

Afterwards, I joked that I should have made some trees with a ball hidden in there because that is where Dad's ball is most of the time lately:)
All in all, a fun weekend.  I hope everyone else's was just as wonderful!


  1. I can't believe how close you got to that deer! You did a great job on that cake, looks great and I bet your Father-in-law love it. What a fun weekend.