Thursday, July 5, 2012


  • We had a fantastic Fourth of July.  The Lancaster parade, by far, beat Cheektowaga's parade.  We found a shady spot, ate some fried dough and caught about a thousand pieces of candy!
  • I still ended up burnt and looking like a lobster though, ouch!
  • We had hobo pies for dinner, swam in the pool, and then went to our secret spot near UB to watch the fireworks.  We also (illegally) let Annabelle do some, or about 20, sparklers and lit a wish lantern.  All in all fantastic, plus Annabelle was so tired she fell right to sleep!
  • Today I will be spending at least eight hours running errands, going to doctor's appointments, and shopping with my Gram.  I expect to be cranky and tired by the end of the day.  I don't know how my Aunt Pattie does this with her every single month!
  • Thank goodness my sister was willing to watch Annabelle for the whole day.  I think I'll have to make it up to her one of these days.
  • A bunch of my aunts and uncles plus my mom and dad are up in the 1,000 Islands and I'm so jealous.  I haven't been to our annual vacation spot on three years and I miss it so bad!  I have some of the very best memories being there when I was a kid/young adult.
  • If we don't end up going to England next year, I know that I'll be there next year.
  • We got together with some friends last weekend and my other Disney loving friend and I decided on what we will be doing for our family themed Splash Mountain shot!  I think it will be so much fun!
  • Five more months to wait for a vacation is way too long, in my opinion.


  1. Hopefully you survived your day with your Gram-- cranky free :) that was actually pretty funny-
    sounds like you had a great 4th! They usually do fireworks right near our house but this year they didnt' do them! I was bummed-- maybe next year we will push ourselves into hitting the local parade and fighting the crowds for fireworks. :) hugs!!

  2. Yes 5 months is too long! Hopefully once school starts it'll go by faster since y'all will be in a routine a bit more. You are going to England? So awesome!