Monday, September 26, 2011

Bragging About My Sweet Girl

A couple of weeks ago, Mark and I got to meet Annabelle's teacher.  She explained how she disciplined but stated that she liked to "catch" kids being good.  She would point them out when they are doing what they should, without being asked.  It was an especially helpful reminder if there is another student not doing so.  Something along the lines of, "Hey everyone did you notice how Annabelle got right to work at her desk?  Great job Annabelle!"  Hopefully then the other students would catch on, want to be praised and there's no hurt feelings.

So last week, I noticed when Annabelle got off of the bus, that she had a big sticker on her shirt.  It said Caught Doing Good.  When I asked her about it she gave me her proud, shy smile and explained that Mrs. Tripi had told her she was doing a great job all day.  I was so proud and happy for her and I told her so.  Last year we had to have a few talks with her about not socializing too much but working hard as well.  But this year she seems very focused on learning.  She can't wait to read and does "read" to us from her books that she's memorized whenever she can.  Don't get me wrong, I still hear about all that's going on during free play and lunch and all the friend stuff, but she's excited to be learning big kid stuff.

But all of that, as awesome as it was, wasn't the best part.  After I told her how proud I was, she peeled her sticker off her chest and put it on me.  Then she said, "I just caught you being a super mom.  Good Job!"  I still get a big smile on face thinking about it.  There are so many days when I struggle with what I'm doing.  Second guessing if I'm doing enough for Annabelle, being good enough.  That one little stupid sticker made both of our days that much better.  I love that I'm doing something right.  She's sweet girl and I hope that I'm helping her along the way become an even better person than she already is.

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  1. So sweet! It's so fun to watch your children doing their best, isn't it. Great job to the both of you.