Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Deck!

So the deck has been finished for about a week and a half and this girl is all smiles now!  I'm so in love with our color combo.  We played on the decking website to decide on colors for decking, trim, rails, balusters, etc but it's still nerve wracking when you spend all this money and only have a vague idea about what it will look like.  We decided not to put the furniture and table and such up there because it's going to be Fall.  There is not going to be many chances left to eat a meal outside or really enjoy the deck.  Next Spring I'm sure there will be some pictures of us up there with it really finished.  Without further ado, here is the deck.

There's still some scrap decking up there.  Mark's going to be building Nigel a cat perch so that he can hang with us outside.

The wrap around box step.  Mark is so proud of it.  It must be harder to build than a regular step.

The pretty, pretty railings in black.

Just a close up on the color combo.  Teak inner decking, walnut trim, fascia and railings, black balusters and posts.


  1. WOW.... Its beautiful, I didn't even know you could be so creative with wood colors on a deck. I love it, and I can tell you do to. Thanks for the pictures :)

  2. I LOVE your deck! It turned out great! I'm thinking you will have many great memories out there. :)

  3. Thanks all! I really do love it. Next week pictures from are all new painted and decorated family room:)