Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Strange Dream

I have been having the strangest dream lately.  I've had had it three or four times over the last few months.  It never changes and I always wake up excited to look out the window.

The whole dream is about a boy that grew up down the street from me.  Billy is friends with my sister and her husband, I was friends with his older sister, and his younger sister is engaged to one of Mark's co-workers.  Somehow, we have ended up twisted together, even though I can't even recall ever saying a word to him.  In the dream, Billy has decided that he wants a new job (I don't know what he does now).  He decides that the perfect job for him is running a petting zoo, complete with exotic animals.  Zebras and bisons, plus goats and small horses, a camel.  The normal petting zoo fare.  And the perfect place to keep his animals, obviously my front yard!  I wake up from the dream every time excited to get Annabelle out of bed.  She loves the bisons at the Buffalo Zoo and corrects people, that call them buffaloes.  After I'm awake, there is that moment when I realize it was a dream and I'm disappointed.  Disappointed that there are no animals, nothing exciting to show Annabelle.  Plus, I really like to pet anything that comes near me especially if it seems even mildly exotic like a bison.

Does anyone else have weird dreams like this or is it just me?  Well maybe I don't really want the answer to that. :)


  1. I know that Pregnant ladies can have some pretty weird dreams.... I there something you're not telling us :)

  2. lol Jackie- no news like that for me, even though my mom keeps hoping. We're happy with one:)